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About Russian frauds

Unlike Nigerian dating scam, there is lots of data about Russian scam on the web. A lot of people understand what it is exactly about: the scammers establish some lovely communication after just a couple of letters and then start asking for money, for different purposes: for visa and ticket to come meet you, for English classes, for cell phone, for Internet connection, for sick Mom, whatever with you, fall in love with you. When you deliver her money, she’s gone. Or, she will ask you to get more cash after which will soon be gone.

Numerous Russian wedding agencies are scam, too. We have been perhaps perhaps not planning to protect agencies right right here, we do not make use of Russian wedding agencies and possess no concept that is scam and who’s perhaps maybe not. Lets explore specific scammers, those that destination their pages regarding the different online dating sites services, free and compensated. That which we can’t stand in regards to the current Russian scam lists is which they supply the impression that we now have numerous of Russian scammers out here, and behind each scam profile remains various woman (or man, whatever). This is simply not real!


About Russian frauds

Our company is absolutely convinced: Russian girls aren’t scammers! A lot of the Russian scam (about 90percent from it, or even more) originates form exactly the same 2 sources: REPUBLIC OF MARI EL in Russia and LUGANSK in Ukraine. One other 10% comes from pro-daters, mostly from Southern of Ukraine, like Odessa, Nikolaev, etc. Of program there are lots of freelance scammers on the market (monkey see monkey do), however their quantity is quite insignificant when compared to amount of scam pages generated day-to-day by Mari El and Lugansk. Yes, there clearly was an organization that is criminal Mari El behind the Russian scam as well as in Lugansk behind Ukrainian frauds.

The profiles reveal various areas and urban centers in Russia, Ukraine and other ex-Soviet Union countries. But each time a bad profile is positioned on our web site, or we ask the victims to forward us the total email headers of this scammer’s email, they ALWAYS reveal similar IPs and also the exact exact exact same online sites providers. Often the scammers modification ISP (or simply just employ folks that are new perform the job). Then all scam, as with a secret wand, begins originating from that new ISP. All registrations start coming through anonymous proxies if we ban that IP range from our site.

The Mari El organization that is criminal leaded by males, they employ individuals from Yoshkar Ola to accomplish the dirty work for them: destination profiles and conduct the communication. Almost certainly, it works on commissions, like telemarketers. The experience with this organization that is criminal enormous, they spot a huge selection of pages on the market every single day. The pictures of girls in the phony Russian profiles result from different sources. Almost all is stolen through the Russian social networking sites, like (the analog that is russian of). Often they normally use the pictures of Russian models and superstars. Girls from the images are NOT scammers and possess no concept just just how their photos are now being used. Often scammers might spend some girl that is local minimal cost to stay and pose for images and also to get cash in the Western Union. But such situations are really uncommon. The gang may also provide accomplices in particular Western Union areas.

Their pages may state whatever: they are from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Chelyabinsk, Kiev, Odessa, often also USA. But you may already know, the funds wired via Western Union could be found at any town and also at any Western Union location, therefore it doesn’t mean any such thing. The great majority of scammers come in Mari El and Lugansk.

Additionally there is great deal of scam happening in Lugansk. Similar to Mari El may be the scam center of Russia, Lugansk could be the scam center of Ukraine. All scammy Ukrainian profiles result from here. It doesn’t matter what the profile claims: Donetsk, Kharkov, Kiev, whatever, this is certainly all Lugansk gang. Glance at email headers and you’ll see Lugansk here. They will have their particular “specialization” though: translations scams. If Mari El mostly scam for ticket and visa, Lugansk frauds for interpretation solutions. But Lugansk scammers are simpler to identify by their pictures. Mari El utilizes pictures of genuine girls, while Lugansk makes use of apparent pictures of models, they smell scam a mile away.

There are pro-daters, however they are totally different from scammers. Those are genuine girls, who invite you to definitely see them and start “milking”: shopping, restaurants, presents, etc. Also called gold-diggers. But this will be occurring in almost any nation plus in any culture, Philippines for instance. We do not think pro-dating is just Russia-related.