The cultural centers of the Greeks have included Athens, Thessalonica, Alexandria, Smyrna, and Constantinople at various periods. ) are an ethnic group native to Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and, to a lesser extent, other nations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. They also form a major diaspora, with Greek communities established around the globe. The Greek government does not collect details about ethnic self-willpower at the nationwide censuses. Alsharif, Asma, “UPDATE 2-Saudi king provides women proper to vote”, Reuters, September 25, 2011.

Exodus of Greeks from the town accelerates; less than 2,000 stay right now.1958Large Greek group in Alexandria flees Nasser’s regime in Egypt.1960sRepublic of Cyprus created as an unbiased state beneath Greek, Turkish and British protection. Almost all Greeks residing in Northern Cyprus flee to the south and the United Kingdom.1980sMany civil war refugees were allowed to re-to migrate to Greece.

The AWSA aimed for close ties with the Republican Party, hoping that the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment would lead to a Republican push for girls’s suffrage. The NWSA, while decided to be politically independent, was important of the Republicans. In May 1869, two days after the ultimate AERA annual assembly, Anthony, Stanton and others fashioned the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA). In November 1869, Lucy Stone, Julia Ward Howe, Henry Blackwell and others, lots of whom had helped to create the New England Woman Suffrage Association a yr earlier, shaped the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA).

“Indigenous Muslim” women in French Algeria also referred to as Colonial Algeria, needed to wait until a 3 July 1958 decree.Although several countries had started extending suffrage to women from the end of the 19th century, France was one of many final nations to do so in Europe. In reality, the Napoleonic Code declares the authorized and political incapacity of women, which blocked attempts to give women political rights. First feminist claims began rising through the French Revolution in 1789.

Among them have been composers Francesca Caccini and Leonora Baroni, and painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Outside the household setting, Italian women continued to seek out opportunities in the convent, and now increasingly also as singers in the theatre (Anna Renzi—described as the first diva in the historical past of opera—and Barbara Strozzi are two examples). In 1678, Elena Cornaro Piscopia was the primary woman in Italy to obtain an academical degree, in philosophy, from the University of Padua. Benjamin, Anne M. A History of the Anti-Suffrage Movement within the United States from 1895 to 1920 (Edwin Mellen Press, 1992). Greeley was referring to the 1867 AERA marketing campaign in New York State for girls’s suffrage and the removing of discriminatory property requirements for black voters.

In 1904 Anna Howard Shaw, another Anthony protégée, was elected president of the NAWSA. Shaw was an energetic employee and a gifted orator however not an efficient administrator.


Constantine P. Cavafy and Nobel laureates Giorgos Seferis and Odysseas Elytis are among the many most important poets of the twentieth century. Novel can be represented by Alexandros Papadiamantis, Emmanuel Rhoides, Nikos Kazantzakis, Penelope Delta, Stratis Myrivilis, Vassilis Vassilikos and Petros Markaris, while notable playwrights embrace the Cretan Renaissance poets Georgios Chortatzis and Vincenzos Cornaros, such as Gregorios Xenopoulos and Iakovos Kambanellis. Modern Greek has, along with Standard Modern Greek or Dimotiki, all kinds italian women of dialects of various levels of mutual intelligibility, including Cypriot, Pontic, Cappadocian, Griko and Tsakonian (the only surviving representative of ancient Doric Greek). Yevanic is the language of the Romaniotes, and survives in small communities in Greece, New York and Israel. In addition to Greek, many Greeks in Greece and the Diaspora are bilingual in different languages or dialects similar to English, Arvanitika/Albanian, Aromanian, Macedonian Slavic, Russian and Turkish.

San Marino introduced women’s suffrage in 1959, following the 1957 constitutional disaster generally known as Fatti di Rovereta. It was however only in 1973 that ladies obtained the proper to face for election. Despite initial apprehension towards enfranchising women for the right to vote for the upcoming Constituent Assembly election, the League for Women’s Equality and other suffragists rallied all year long of 1917 for the proper to vote. After much stress (including a 40,000-strong march on the Tauride Palace), on July 20, 1917 the Provisional Government enfranchised women with the best to vote. In 1931 during the Estado Novo regime, women have been allowed to vote for the primary time, however provided that that they had a highschool or college degree, while men had only to have the ability to learn and write.

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In 1194–1204 Georgian Queen Tamar’s armies crushed new Seljuk Turkish invasions from the south-east and south and launched a number of successful campaigns into Seljuk Turkish-controlled Southern Armenia. The Georgian Kingdom continued military campaigns in the Caucasus region.

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Largely by way of Park’s efforts, related teams had been organized on campuses in 30 states, resulting in the formation of the National College Equal Suffrage League in 1908. The College Equal Suffrage League would eventually disband in 1917, with the recruitment of new members ceasing.

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