Exclusive research, all of the truth about scammers

We carried out our investigation that is own in to learn exactly how we can protect guys from scammers within the internet. For it we examined tens of marriage agencies in Ukraine therefore the outcomes really chocked us. Tens of men arrive at Odessa, Kiev, Luhansk, Kharkov on a daily basis with the expectation to get a woman that is nice wedding and be victims of scammers.

This sort of frauds happens mostly in Ukraine. In this nation standards of living are low (even yet in contrast with Russia), it’s very difficult to find a great work here, frauds prosper in every kinds of company. Whenever Ukraine revoked a visa for foreigners, males become a target that is easy scammers. There are many than 300 relationship agencies just in Odessa, generally it works in the home. Within our investigation that is exclusive we all of the present internet-forums where owners of so-called Ukraine “marriage agencies” trade their expertise in cheating trustful foreigners. Certainly one of such “professional” topics includes 748 pages of conversation in the problem of types of getting cash away from customers, and messages that are new published every single day.

You can find just a lot of them:

“Men fall for big breasts. We do not economize on Photoshop and a designer that is good. We painted breasts of this size “H” to 1 of our girls and these naive Us americans think and fall into line on her”.

“Please, state just exactly what flower stores give bunches of flowers for a lease for a 30 minutes? Our girls have begun refusing visiting a flower store to have their images on distribution taken, we must bring bunches with their places after which to carry them straight right back. And exactly how much do a girl is paid by you for each and every lot, that she made a guy purchase on her behalf? We give one buck for starters rose”.

“My spouse works for my marriage agency as a customer, she manages to have cash out of males on top of that – she actually is a woman that is experienced. In a whole, I like employing hitched ladies, they realize a character of men better, they know very well what to state and exactly how to show males on”.

“a fresh technique – i will be in a rush to fairly share it with you. We simply just take for interpretation 15 bucks per hour from 9 am till 7 pm and 25 bucks from 7 pm till 9 am. We say to a customer that their girl works till 6.30 and cannot satisfy him previously. Girls are content (we provide them with 30% associated with the interpretation charge) and for the cash they truly are willing to stay down in a cafe even as much as 4 in the” morning.

“we have always been willing to offer a profile for the woman with a portfolio that is professional whom brings as much as 3000 bucks of earnings per month in a talk (a translator kinds on her behalf). There is certainly an understanding using the woman, pictures of which are published, for meeting men on condition that this woman is compensated 10 bucks each hour. The expense of your client is 30.000 bucks. The cost is negotiable”.

Regrettably, almost all of girls such agencies “work” as clients of a married relationship agency. We made tens of telephone calls to so-called wedding agencies in Odessa so we asked them for a work for a % associated with the money compensated by a person in the future. In every the full instances we had been invited for their workplaces (often – to flats, simply because they do not have workplaces) to discuss variations of collaboration. Unfortuitously this “job” is recognized as to be typical in Ukraine and also prestigious. We will have to work 10-15 hours a day as we were explained on the phone. However it is different then being something operator!

The problem is horrifying, law enforcement of Ukraine will scarcely ever consider the issue. That’s the reason you may be to safeguard your self.

  • Internet dating sites what your location is to fund every letter that is single movie or talk to a woman. You will end up included into an endless procedure for communication and flirt that is virtual will turn into extremely expensive for your needs.
  • Girls with immodest studio pictures – semi-naked additional hints breasts, lack of clothing. We’ve been involved in the wedding company since 1999 so we have observed thousands of photos of girls. Severe girls could not publish photos that are such. The maximum – a photo in a swimming suit taken on a break.
  • Girls which are 18 and looking for a man that is 59-year-old. It is really not real that such marriages just take places in Ukraine usually. It occurs almost never. The exception that is only whenever a person is a millionaire. Girls of 18-20 can be extremely gorgeous that will appear naive. However they are simply working.
  • Girls whom write on love considering that the letter that is second. It really is a sign that is unmistakable of fact that an expert is working.

The primary security sign is whenever solution of a company is free for ladies! Nowadays all severe wedding agencies gather re re payments from ladies. Plus the re re re payments in many cases are generally not very little! If a female pays money for trying to find a spouse, it really is an assurance that she’s perhaps maybe not covered cheating foreigners. All our consumers whom enroll in workplaces in Russia and also a mark “profile confirmed” pay for their account. Sometimes this sum is as much as one the next of a salary that is average!

We’d additionally suggest one to avoid Odessa and Luhansk in a complete, because in these the cities that are very danger of being cheated is particularly high. Furthermore, the amount which will be kept by a foreigner into the unsuccessful search of her future spouse is seldom lower than 5000 bucks. Most likely there are some marriage that is honest, however it is nearly impossible to locate them.